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A common bit of internal dialogue: “ hmmm nice fat tits”

@HiroProtagonist we're going to need a lot more virtue signaling before we can determine our course of action...

@Genen this is driven by the degrowther movement, so it makes sense... violence is actually the answer more often than we like to admit...

@TrueNorth77 @Johncdvorak Those orange jumpsuits are pretty roomie... Not sure what she's worried about.

@Jdogg247 you could not pay me to watch Hannity, or most of fox for that matter...

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@s8n @bot @TheAncestor @mactonite "you're dumb" is not an argument. if you have information, share it. ask your mom to come down to the basement and give you some hot pockets and a hug.

@s8n @bot @TheAncestor @mactonite yeah, and your "fedi tl" is an *instance*, with no direct technical influence on the fediverse as a whole. check the activitypub docs, and stop being a dick.

@mactonite sifting through the bullshit, looks like your answer is pretty obvious in that only admins who control a box/server hosting multiple nodes, or hosting multiple nodes across different servers, would have access to such information. The fediverse is built to resist censorship, so "centralized" admins would defeat that purpose...

@s8n @mactonite that was the whole point of the original fucking question. now I'm dumb? nice neighborhood you've got here.

@s8n @mactonite this went off the rails quickly. The original question was, "are there fedi admins who can see your password", and I believe the answer to that question is "no"... Is that wrong?

are other instances getting a lot of spammy account requests?

@mactonite my understanding is that there are no "fedi admins", only individual nodes that choose to federate or not...

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Aside from Farsebook being a shit "service", yet another reason to tell a friend about the fediverse!

@kaia is that Biden's latest DARPA project?!

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