@AdamAtSea pretty sure they would try to make it a hate crime

@JesseStone why do all of these local police units look like seal team 6?!

@PNS she either knew before they married, or figured it out after they married, and she didn't figure it out alone...

@threat decimated means reduced by ten percent, not destroyed.

@threat you reduced all by ten percent? awesome.

@apple_dumplin I have used metal strapping under the glove box to install newer electronics without affecting the look too drastically... Did this to the car I never should have traded, a '68 Pontiac Ventura with 52000 original miles and a complete set of California registration tags back to '68...

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I’m trying to figure out what kind of morons the fed thinks they will catch with this shit? I mean Blitz @11112011 lives a third world country :robcolbertsmile:
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@chris yes, the muskets thing is so dumb. the purpose was to protect citizens ability to defend themselves against the government, plain and simple...

@ArdainianRight he should endorse Vivek and be done with it.

@Djeep more votes than any previous candidate... Ever.

@m3lang3 totally going with this from here on out...

@wyliesau @djsumdog ... Because it's a right. Hu's on first?! 🤣🤣🤣

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