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The cast of Young Frankenstein's parody of da Vinci's The Last Supper

@wyliesau isn't that just Sanskrit for "hey, buddy"?

@chris I'm enjoying it too, and I was bracing for garbage...🥳

@bagder the power of curl continues to astound me...

@lucifer holy shit! How do you people afford to eat?!

@Foneguy89 good trigger discipline. I endorse whole heartedly.

@Johncdvorak I like how the benchmarks only compare it to older, shittier celerons...🤣

@shibao I love the tactile response, but being in an office full if them clicking away is the 9th circle of hell...

@JesseStone pretty sure Jesus does not use contractions and very sure He does not make grammatical errors...🤣

@Foneguy89 Holy shit, I looked this up, thinking it must be fake news. Totally legit! Hilarious!

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@HiroProtagonist had the hottest on menu option for HBs chicken a few years ago, and I'm almost ok now. 🤣

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