@Evenkeeld stepping in dog shit during sleeping hours is bad, but what about a dog turd with a Lego buried inside?! might as well end it.

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@AidanTTIerian not so much anti tranny as pro sanity. 🥳

@chris right, i'm thinking i never thought of myself as an edgelord of any sort, but i'll take it. =)

@chris LOL! i haden't checked for my domain before: fba.ryona.agency/?domain=unper

i got blocked for "don't be a dick". hilarious.

@HaleakalaCrater I thought the unfashionable fact was that the majority of the crimes [against Asians] were being committed by Blacks...

@DeanObeidallah oh, is this the attack during which the armed police opened the gates and invited the unarmed "attackers" into the US Capitol, AKA "The People's House", then proceeded to fire blindly into a crowd, murdering an unarmed female veteran? That "terrorist attack?" How's Ray doing?

@CSB Carhartt, no less. He must have just finished a shift at his farm job...

@shebang love the suppressed ak/ear pro/watching TV/balaclava in your own home combo.

@Jdogg247 also, they're completely full of shit. we don't have much "naked capitalism" left here. we're regulated to death, ffs. naked corporatism, yes.

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@GreenZeta oh, man. had my wisdom teeth pulled almost 30 years ago, compliments of the military. I think the colonel was late for brunch, so the whole thing took about 15 minutes, thank goodness. I will never forget that crunch.

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