@the0ther unfortunately, the machine has become too strong, imo. It must burn and be reborn at this point. I hope I'm wrong.

@Foneguy89 french braid that shit and bill her. Her?

@Foneguy89 I just hope nobody is doing this to a baby. I know it's happening, but it's heartbreaking.

@Foneguy89 how exactly does "bullying" the most powerful person on Earth work?

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CENSORSHIPTikTok Threatens to Censor ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Song For “Harassment and Bullying

ATTENTION news reporters!
Tik Tok has threatened to remove my #letsgobrandon viral video that is approaching the number one spot on iTunes top us hip hop records! Tik Tok is claiming that I'm bullying? But how???


@Foneguy89 would definitely like more "nailed it!" videos, but all we seem to get are "epic fail" videos...

@SirSeanofSlovakia @jazzilla And now you just spend your days being Hunter S. Thompson?

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Just in case you're in a bubble, here's this thing, which appears real, and jives with some of my personal experiences with extremely disassociated ppl.

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I was just on my local 2M net and someone said the FCC should regulate hams who talk about vaccine falsehoods. We've entered into the 1984 Ministry of Truth era.
#ham #nams

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Lord help us. Seriously. Pure evil to put this in peoples heads. Truly criminal.

@HiroProtagonist did we hand them the wheel first? 🤣🤣🤣 Love Ender's Game, BTW.

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